It started as a joke, then everything all went so differently. When I was on a holiday with my girlfriend Denise, I joked that I could dress as a woman and nobody would notice it. Denise thought it was a great idea! So, she took me to a salon and soon I had several women fussing over me and the result was that they dolled up to look like a young woman!

They had shaved my legs and my chest, as well as fitting me a bra including fake breasts. Denise had arranged a women’s outfit for me. I was shocked when I saw what she had arranged; She had arranged a black dress and over red knee boots. After I put it on, I practiced around the salon, were Denise taught me the nitty-gritty details of a woman’s behavior. That night Denise took me to a club and we had fun as female friends

Then the next day she asked me if I again could dress as a woman because she really liked the fun we had as female friends. Because of that, I was spending the rest of the holiday as a woman and I must admit that it brought Denise and myself closer. I had more fun with her during the holiday then I have had in the years before. When we arrived home after the holiday we discussed the whole situation and then Denise offered me to start taking female hormones.

First, I was a little hesitant but after giving it a good thought and thinking about the good times we had during the holiday I started taking the hormones. In the winter, there were breasts and then in the summer, there was the removal of my testicles. Especially that last step was one where I was looking forward to because from that moment onwards, I could wear yoga pants and join Denise to yoga lessons.

I had gone from Zack to Zoey and I still had a lot of fun with Denise. But then on the first holiday as Zoey, I met a man and we had some dates. I really liked just chatting with him but he wanted more. So, I politely give him a kiss on his cheek when he was leaving but he responded that with a kiss on my lips. That gave me a strange sensation but what have I gotten myself into? Am I starting to like man?


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