Out popped a genie from the lamp Steven had just rubbed. “Wow! Holy shit! I can’t believe this is real!” But this was no ordinary genie. This was a young sexy female genie who had a slightly different policy.

“You get one permanent wish only, use it wisely!”

“Hmm, one wish only, I need to think about this carefully.” Steven thought to himself. And that’s when he came up with a brilliant idea. If he wishes to become a genie then he could grant all the wishes that he wants. It’s like he would have an unlimited amount of wishes

“I wish to become a genie like you!”

“Very well, your wish is my command!” And with one swift stroke, a mist of blue smoke covered Steven before it disappeared revealing the new him. Or should I say new her.

“Ah! Hey what’s going on here?” Steven complained in a female voice. “Why am I a woman?”

“You wished to become a genie like me so I granted your wish. Now you are a female genie. Just like me!”

“I have all this annoying long hair that gets in the way. And these high heels are annoying I can’t stand this!”

“Well, you only get one permanent wish so enjoy being a female for the rest of your life. Goodbye.” And just like that she vanished, leaving Steven in a rage.

Okay I’ll just turn myself back into a male!” But for some reason it did not work. “What? Come on damn it why aren’t I turning back?” And that’s when it hit him, a genie only grants other people’s wishes. Not his own wishes. “Oh shit!!” He thought to himself as he laid there on a set of steps. “I’m stuck like this forever!”

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