Young Male Intern to Hot Secretary !!

“You know, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind after I made you my secretary, Robin,” Richard, my boss said while impatiently tapping his foot by the door. I just can’t believe these numbers. Whoever thought this was accurate I answered frustratingly. Richard was correct, this wasn’t what he had planned for me when he made me his personal secretary. This first started not soon after I came to work for him as a fresh intern.He had noticed that I carried a certain “feminine look.” Not something that I was proud (or even aware of,) but it made Richard, the powerful man that he is, intrigued. Something mischievous in his brain snapped and he got the idea to take advantage of little me. Being young, and perhaps unusually impressionable, it wasn’t hard for him to lead me down this path of feminisation. Here I am, more than half a year later, dressed in my new clothes and sitting in his living room. “It’s not that important,” Richard moaned. “You can take care of it later.” “And how do you expect me to relax knowing that I have to take care of this in the morning?” I asked. “Just let me look over these papers and we’ll have the night together.” Richard’s fantasy was understandable, if not a little too kinky. I can honestly say that I never once have had this desire to become another man’s lover, but I am not actively disliking it. Compared to my crummy studio apartment, living as a rich man’s girlfriend has its benefits. I am certain that I can break it off before Richard gets any too crazy ideas about my future with him. Shaving my body is one thing, but when he suggested recently that I should remove my body hair permanently through electrolysis I said no “And just look at this awful handwriting! Gah, I hope you didn’t pay your last secretary nearly as much a you pay me,” I said. Of course, fantasising about secretaries is one thing, actually having one work for you is a different story. As much as I would like to satisfy Richard in whatever depraved way he likes, I know that this has to be done. I mean, the guy can live without romance for another couple of hours. But he can’t live with all this paperwork in such a mess. I’m doing the guy more than one favour here, y’know.

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