Young and Carefree!!

Up until recently, I’ve never noticed how dull and empty my life was. Sure, I had money and a beautiful wife but what comes with it when I spend most of my time at work? My wife was really concerned so one day she took me for a serious talk. As I was listening to her words, I was slowly realizing she’s right. Since school, I paid little attention to social life. While my peers were having fun, I was pursuing my goal to become someone important. That didn’t change when I finished school and begin to climb the ladder until I reached the position, I am now in. But what came with it? No friends and no life. It’s funny that you never notice those things until it’s a little bit too late. Being thirty-five years old I had little chance to catch up with what I have missed. My wife suggested I should take some vacations. Relax for a while and enjoy the simple things that take place in our lives. When I asked her how am I supposed to do it she showed me a simple medallion. She handed it over to me and said to relax and imagine myself being young and carefree. I did as she told me and felt a weird, tingling sensation all over my body. Suddenly I felt lighter and more energetic than I used to. When I opened my eyes, I got a surprise of my life when it turned out I had transformed into a teenage girl. When I asked my wife, what is the meaning of this she said it will help me to forget about any troubles that come with being an adult.

As much as I wasn’t thrilled about spending some time being a teenage girl, in the end, I decided to give it a try. It turned out she was right. I might have felt a little bit uneasy in my teenage form especially with the sex change but after I adapted to my body I’ve learned to enjoy my little vacations. To make the effect even better my wife signed me up to a local high school where I was going as Emily. Being among those kids was a little bit weird but soon I started to see them as my peers. I made quite some new friends with whom I spend most of my time. I really loved to hang out with the girls and soon I begin to feel like one of them. Sounds strange for an adult man to act like a teenage girl but I couldn’t help it. I begin to enjoy girly things, like the clothes and how they make me look pretty or to chat with the other girls about who is the cutest boy at school. During this time, I really learned a lot about things that are more important in life than just your career. My wife noticed how much I changed but she didn’t say anything about it. So far my vacations were fabulous and it helped me to get rid of all the stress I’ve been experiencing recently. However, all this time spend as Emily had changed me a lot. There were moments where I really was forgetting I used to be an adult man and I was thinking of myself as if I was always a girl. This made me a little bit worried. Not because I was afraid of what it did with my behavior. I was worried because I was realizing that the day will come when I will have to go back to be my old self. The girl I have become was frightened about it. I didn’t want to become an old, boring guy again. I didn’t want to leave my friends or school.

I wanted to be a girl, act like a girl and dress up in pretty clothes. Besides, I didn’t have a chance yet to tell a boy from my school that I like him. I refused to even think about becoming my old self so one day I confronted my wife about it. Surprisingly she was fine with me becoming a young girl. She had seen how much it made me happy and she gave me her blessing if I wanted to keep being Emily. I was delighted when I heard it. I gave her a big hug and from that day my wife became my mom. Mom wasn’t surprised when a few weeks later I brought a boy home and introduced him as my boyfriend. She was glad I could find happiness and experience all the things a girl does when she is growing up. As for me, I buried my past deep inside my mind and I’m excited to experience my life again, this time as a girl named Emily.


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