‘Sergei!! You did it again! I told you to stop spiking the coffees of boyfriends who are waiting for their girlfriends in our salon! But it looks like you transformed Olivia’s boyfriend Rick! That’s it, you’re fired! Open your own damn salon!’

‘All right I will then! I will open my own salon then!’

Sergei stomped out, dragging Rick with him. Olivia came out of the salon looking for her boyfriend. Linda the salon owner told her what had happened. She ran out searching for Rick. After half an hour, he saw Sergei with a sexy girl walking by his side. That couldn’t be Rick! Rick came in wearing blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a crewcut. This girl was wearing a pink skirt and was perched on four-inch pink pumps! She turned around briefly at a stop walk. Olivia was horrified to see the girl was her boyfriend! She went up to accost Sergei…

‘What the hell did you do to my boyfriend?!’

‘Your boyfriend is gone! ‘Rita’ here is my new salon’s receptionist. After I left my old work salon, I dropped in on a friend who hypnotized

Rick into becoming a transvestite and my girlfriend! Rick is gone, move on!’

Olivia watched in awe as her ex boyfriend walked hand in hand with ‘her’ new boyfriend and employer, stepping off the curb to a brand-new life and career, far from the lawyer Rick once was…


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