Brendan and Arianne had been friends for ages. Brendan was a brown-haired, pretty fit guy who was in college at the time. Arianne, a blue-eyed blonde, went to a different school, but they liked to spend time together walking in the streets of the town. They had always been teased about how they were dating, but they were simply friends. One day after school they were on a stroll again. It was a hot day in the early summer, and the girls had started to dress more revealing. As Brendan and Arianne sat on a park bench, Brendan couldn’t help but admire the butts going by. Then he saw a girl wearing only a bikini, and the glance he threw at her was a bit too long.
“Brendan, what the hell?” Arianne asked angrily.
“What?” asked Brendan.
“You were definitely checking that girl out!” she said furiously.
“No, I wasn’t!”
“Yes, you were!”
“Well, maybe… But what are you going to do about it?” Brendan asked.

Without answering, Arianne waved her hand, and the changes started to happen. Brendan felt tingly all over his body and he began to feel dizzy. He looked at his hand and it was…shrinking? “Arianne… What is happening to me?” he asked, but got no answer. He had trouble standing up as his legs changed their shape and his thighs gained more fat. Brendan took his hand to his crotch, but he could feel nothing. “Arianne, my- my-” he started, but he felt his bottom tingling. He put his hand on it and felt the huge feminine butt jiggle. His hips also got wider. Brendan had earned his abs through hard work in the school’s rowing team, but now it faded away as his body fat rearranged itself. He could also feel himself shortening. Then two mounds appeared on his chest – they were D size breasts. His face changed its shape too. His hair grew so long it could almost touch his butt.
“Arianne, what did you do to me? Why am I a woman? I can’t stay like this!” Brendan said. “That’s right”, Arianne answered. With another wave of her hand, Brendan’s jeans and shirt turned into a sexy, familiar-looking bikini. He saw his fingernails get longer and felt makeup appearing on his face.
“I have never told you that I could handle magic, but now you know… This situation just called for it”, said Arianne. “I changed you into the girl you were so excitedly looking at.” “But I can’t stay like a girl! What am I going to do?” Brendan asked. “Well, you could start by dragging that sexy ass of yours to my place! I’d be surprised if it went untouched on the way”, Arianne said and hurried away. Brendan tried to run after her, but he couldn’t in his new body. He stopped, exhausted. It was going to be a long way to Arianne’s.


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