You are Turning me into a Girl!!

“Come on, smile! I know you’re enjoying it really!”

“No I’m not Zoe! Let’s just get this over with okay…”

“Hey I’m not loving your attitude Leila! This was the terms of the bet and you lost fair and square. Day one of you being my pretty girlfriend has begun and I expect you to embrace it!”

“Embrace it? You’ve put me in a pair of panties, glued breast forms to my chest, bleached my hair and put lipstick on me! You’re turning me into a girl.”

“Yep, and you’ll be a girl for the next 365 days, so suck it up! I think you’ll find that once you’ve got used to it, you might find that you never want to go back…”

Luke, now Leila gulped. Surely dressing up like a girl wouldn’t have any lasting effect on him… would it?

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