You are always one decision away from changing your life !!

Its amazing the turns your life takes when you take chances. Who would have ever thought it would end up like this. Sitting on a dresser in a tight skirt, high heels and suit coat, blonde hair all fixed up. Sitting side-saddle was hard enough but trying to put on make up while a naked man watches is totally another problem. You see the sexy girl in the mirror is named Diane now. She use to be known as Sharla’s husband Dave. It seems that Dave had been peeping into the window of their 19 year old neighbor. She was a very cute redheaded cheerleader at the local high school. She was sexually active and Dave loved watching her dress, undress and pleasure her boyfriends. He had been so infected with her looks and activities he stole a pair of her sexy bikini panties from the line out in their back yard. Last night his wife came in and caught him doing just that. She watched both him kneeling at the window and then looked to see that he was watching the young girl service an older muscled man. He turned out to be a friend of Sharla. Now, it seems Diane has been directed to become a woman and pleasure the same man that little Cristy was doing last night. If he did not tell Sharla that Diane was a better sexual partner than Cristy, Diane would remain a woman until he told her that Diane was better. Diane put it off as long as she could.A man was waving at her and she knew she needed to make sure that she did just everything she needed to become a husband again, not knowing she never would..

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