Worthless Boyfriend to Beautiful Daughter !!

I am ashamed to say that Louise was once my worthless boyfriend. But I am proud of the journey we took together. She was reluctant, of course, but I left her little choice. It came down to either doing as I said or be left alone without me. Lewis, as she used to be called, was a man of few talents. He loved his music and considered himself something of an audiophile. That was what once made me love him. He was deeply passionate about old jazz music, and I thought that was endearing. If I had known that he’d do nothing but listen to his records all day I may not have been as smitten. I was so glad when I met Don. He was twice the age of Lewis and a proper man. Someone I’d be proud to be seen with. An educated workman and an actual virtuoso musician. He did not merely obsess about a few records, he could actually take up an instrument and play. I first kept the affair a secret, but couldn’t keep it hidden from Louise that I had moved on. When I introduced Don to Louise I was pleased once more with how mature Don appeared. Instead of mocking the clueless sissy he appeared polite and, well, fatherly. Louise wasn’t many years younger than me, but she seemed like an imprudent teenager the way she threw fits around the apartment.

I realised, at this point, that Don could be there for Louise just as he had been there for me. Taking Louise’s old records away may have seemed harsh, but it was necessary. With us two moving into Don’s house I thought it was for the best that Louise leave any remnant of her old life behind. Don was perfectly willing to provide for us both, and while I’d be his woman and future wife, Louise could get a room of her own next to our bedroom. Believe me, if she wasn’t such a spoiled brat she’d appreciate what Don was doing for her. She certainly never dared speak up with Don around. The man towered above her, even with high-heels on her shoes. But Don wasn’t satisfied yet, and I could tell that he had something special he was working on.
“It’s now official, “I said holding the document with both of my hands. “Thanks to a lawyer friend of ours, you’re now legally Don’s adopted daughter. Louise whimpered. “Aw, sweetie, know that changes are sometimes difficult to handle. But I needed a man, something that you will understand as you get older.” Louise nodded. “Now, now, darling. Your father and I thought we should spoil you a little, and got you an album!” Louise enthusiastically put on her headphones and unwrapped the gift. She had been achingly longing for the moment when she would get to listen to her old jazz music again. But when she unwrapped the present she was not pleasurably surprised. Christina… Aguilera?” she said quivering. “You’re perfectly welcome, sweetheart I know it might not be exactly what you had in mind, but young girls such as yourself shouldn’t be listening to old geezers like Miles Davis or Herbie Hancock. Now, expect you to be a good girl and thank Don properly once he gets home from work.” “Oh, okay…” Louise said softly. “Thanks mom.”

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