Rather than firing me, the store I worked at had other plans. The old woman waved her hand, and I froze as my body turned still. Ever since then, they’ve been working on me every day. They’ve shaved me down until I’ve taken on a more feminine form. They dressed me up as a woman, putting this wig on me, and even makeup too… The old woman said that my new body is almost complete. They put me out on display, wearing different sexy outfits every day. That is bad enough, but what is to come is even worse. They’re going to cut off my manhood, then reanimate me back to living flesh. I’ll be a woman then, female in every way. Since I know so much about the clothes in the store since I wear them every day. I’ll be put to work in the lingerie department as a sales girl. And there is nothing I can do to change things. Soon, I’ll be a woman.

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