Women’s Only !!

Simon was a busy man and he didn’t really have time to waste picking up birthday presents for a girl he had only been dating for two weeks. He marched into the small boutique that seemed to be filled with things that only a girl could want. There would something in her for Kathy whether she liked it or not.”I need a gift,” he barked at the old lady behind the counter. “What have you got?” The lady grimaced. She didn’t like this young man’s attitude at all. “You can have a look around Sir, take your time,” she replied. After all, the customer is always right.Simon snorted and looked around the shop. It was all just pastel colors and flowery designs, and it all looked the same to him. He moved around the store and noticed a display case marked ‘Charming spells for every occasion’. That seemed like just the kind of thing that Kathy would like; she was always going on about yoga or something. There was a row of small bottles and one of them had ‘For Women Only’ on the label. Simon snatched it up and pulled out the stopper.”That’s for women only,” the lady behind the counter warned him. “Whatever, if I’m going to buy it I at least want to know what is smells like,” he said. Pulling out the stopper he took at deep sniff of the crimson liquid and immediately his head began to spin and the shop with it. Simon staggered and grabbed the display table to steady himself. After a few moments his head began to clear but he still felt a little light-headed. And he felt different all over. Looking down he was shocked to see that he now had breasts pushing against his business suit. He felt a moment of panic and he blinked but he knew it wasn’t just his eyes. He could feel his breasts and he could feel the long hair that now hung down onto his shoulders and down his back. His body felt small and petite inside his clothes and his smooth legs were chaffing against the coarse material of his pants.

“What the hell just happened?” he shouted at the lady behind the counter. “As I told you, it is for women only. That is a very powerful charm perfume,” the lady replied.Simon stalked across the shop towards the woman.”Well do something about it! Change me back right now!” “There is a counter charm but I will have to order it, it will be in tomorrow,” the lady replied but Simon wasn’t listening. He was fascinated by the colors in the shop, the way the pastels blended together, the way the flowery designs reminded him of sunshine and good things. He picked up a lace covered cushion and thought about how nice it would look on his couch. Mind you, he thought, the couch was all black leather and ugly. He would have to get a new one to match the cushion.Then he spied a rack near the back of the shop with some summer dresses on it. “I can’t wear these clothes, they don’t fit,” he said to no one in particular. “If you’ll just wait a moment Sir…” the lady began but Simon was already at the rack, perusing the soft dresses. He soon found a short white slip that he liked that showed off his long smooth legs. Then he matched it to a pair of high heels from the small collection the shop had. He looked down at his new outfit and it felt much better. “Would you like me to order the counter charm?” the lady asked after he had paid for his purchases, but Simon was already heading for the door. If he rushed he could still make it to the furniture shop before it closed for the evening. Without another word he left the shop and headed up the street.The old lady sighed to herself. Young people seemed to have no time to pause and think, much less so listen to their elders. If only that young man had bothered to listen she could have explained to him that the charm wasn’t really magic, it was just a powerful hallucinogen designed to make women feel as feminine as possible. In the fresh air the effects would wear off within about three hours.

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