Woman’s Gym !!

Lionel had been crossdressing for years and had no trouble passing in public as a girl. He could easily shop as a woman and often even the shop assistants wouldn’t realize he was a boy. Now he was ready to try his most outrageous outing yet; a session at the local woman’s gym.The gym was called Curvy Girls and once a week offered a free trial session in the evenings. Lionel was terrified as he walked into the lobby of the gym but the girl behind the desk barely gave him a second look and sent him to the changing rooms. Lionel realized he wouldn’t be able to actually get changed at the gym so he had put on his workout clothes already and was wearing some loose exercise clothes over them. As he pushed open the door to the changing room he was greeted by a warm smell of perfumed soaps mixed with sweet female sweat. The changing room was full of woman in various states of undress and none of them paid him much attention as he put down his bag and began to take off his clothes.He striped off his outerwear slowly taking his time to look around him at the supple young women getting changed and dressing.

Two blond girls were talking right in front of him. One of them was drying herself with a towel while the other was wearing nothing at all. As he watched the girl bent over in front of him and pulled on a pair of green striped tanga panties.A young brunette woman wrapped in a towel came up to him.”Excuse me,” she said. Lionel thought he had been discovered and his heart stopped.”I need to get to my locker,” the girl said with a smile and Lionel breathed a sigh of relief. He could have stayed there all day but he wanted to get to the gym. He locked his bag away and left the locker room and went to the gym. Inside there was a crowd of women in bright spandex workout wear engaged in all kinds of exercises. Lionel took a few moments to look around at the spandex clad thighs, shiny Lycra butts, and bulging chests around him. What impressed him most was the quiet determination of the girls around him, each focused on her exercises and making little more then a soft pant with each exertion. How different to the male gym he had been to in the past with all its grunts and groans and stale odors.

Here there was only the smell of fresh bodies and perfume. At first it looked as though there were no machines available so he decided to lift weights. As he walked across the gym he noticed a couple of women watching him as he went. He decided he couldn’t back out now and would just try and look confident.Then he heard a voice behind him.”Excuse me, what do you think you are doing?” Lionel felt his heart sink. He imagined he could already hear the police cars on the way. He turned around to face his fate and found that it was one of the trainers at the gym who was talking to him.”You shouldn’t be here dressed like that,” the girl said.Lionel was so scared he couldn’t speak.”It’s your shoes, you can’t workout in heels, only in sports shoes,” the trainer said.Lionel nearly fainted with relief. He had forgotten to bring sports shoes and was still wearing the high heels he had worn to walk over to the gym. He decided not to tempt his fate any further and headed for the door to go back to the locker room. He quickly got dressed and when he came out the trainer was waiting for him.”Oh, and one more thing Sir,” she said. “This is a woman’s only gym. If you ever try a stunt like that again I’ll call the police. You should try Muscle Boys in town. I’m sure the boys there will love seeing you workout in that little outfit.

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