The Woman of My Dreams is a Man !!

“So? What do you think?” Jackie asked me, gesturing towards his surprisingly feminine figure clad in black lingerie. “Do you like what you see? I was surprised, no doubts. We had been talking about this for a while, ever since I caught him about a year ago. I am not a manipulative guy, but couldn’t help but torment Jackie about it. mean, he was wearing a corset underneath his suit! I threw a lot of subtle (and frankly unsubtle) jabs at him and his secret dress choices. I was actually a bit mean about it. At first Jackie seemed absolutely humiliated by it, but that attitude changed after some time. Jackie actually started to join in and… well, he began flirting with me. Sure, I’ve always had a thing for girls in lingerie. I had fantasied before about catching some woman wearing super-sexy lingerie underneath her work clothes. I got a thrill from the thought that only she and me would know about her secret. That I’d get to see her interacting with other men and have them be completely oblivious to what a naughty girl she really was. I was quite popular with the ladies, and everyone at the office knew that i had been with many girls before.

But I’d never have thought that it would be Jackie that would get my heart racing .He was just a skinny little guy. An intern, typically abused like all interns are. Not the most popular guy. I guess me teasing him was a feeble attempt to break the ice, to make him feel somewhat comfortable working at the office. He always looked so awkward and uncomfortable that I couldn’t help but feel sympathy. I was once his age, just out of school and trying to fit in. I could teach him a thing or two, if he would let me. But he really wasn’t as lost as he may have seemed. Because as I soon found out, Jackie had quite the way with words. got hard the first time we spoke on the phone. Phone sex soon became nearly routine for us While everyone else saw just an awkward twenty-something boy.I knew that within Jackie laid someone actually very different. Underneath that il-fitting suit he got form his dad was a sexy woman .But despite all of our talking and flirting, I had never actually seen Jackie dressed-up. There had never been any actual intimacy between us, despite us talking to each other like a married couple.

So when Jackie suggested that we’d get a hotel room for a short weekend vacation, i was both excited and nervous. I mean, Jackie may be able to sound like a woman, but would he actually look like one? Jackie finally wore a black feminine lingerie and posed in front of me.You look… amazing, “I said.I was barely able to keep my eyes away from Jackie’s entirely feminine physique. He looked unbelievably sexy, and not just to me. But no-one would think he was a twenty year old boy. He looked like a real and confident woman. Let’s role-play, okay babe?” he said. “I’l be your wife for this weekend, and if anyone asks I am just a year younger than you. Please,I want everyone to look at us like any other couple in the thirties. “If you’re serious about being my wife,” I said, and stood up. “I will buy a ring tomorrow.And as since you are my wife now,maybe you should start acting like one.Jackie came closer to me and we started kissing passionately.I never thought I could feel this way after kissing a Guy underneath that lingerie…but no Girl could make me feel that way before.Maybe i should marry him for real and keep him as a Girl forever.

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