Jason awoke feeling surprisingly comfortable with his head resting gently on the side of the bed. It was certainly odd because he had remembered what caused him to be unconscious. Something had hit him from behind. He hadn’t seen anyone in his apartment, but it felt like his head was bashed in a ton of bricks. The last thing he could recall was hitting his head on the floor hard. Maybe it wasn’t as hard as he thought, and maybe he had propped himself up to the bed while sleeping. But things got even weirder when he looked down to see the body, he now had wasn’t his own.

Jason guessed he should be thankful that he wasn’t dead after what he remembered. Still, he was a little uncomfortable with the fact that he now appeared to be a woman. He started to get up and look for some answers, wobbling with the heels on his feet. As he looked around, his next realization was that he was no longer in his own apartment. When he realized who he really was in this new body, he was shocked. She was named Chrissy and was a famous hooker. Her next client will be here in 10 minutes.

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