When my father testified against his company for mafia ties, my parents, 3 brothers and I were all whipped up by witness protection and dropped into a new life in Chicago. It was good for a time until the program called my father. Apparently, families across the country matching our description had gone missing. Once again we had to pack up everything and move cross country, but with one major difference. I, being the youngest child was taken in for sexual reassignment surgery as well as training for an entire year! It was hard, both emotionally and physically, but I did it so my family could finally stop running.

After countless surgeries and hours of training, I was finally allowed to see my family again. My mother burst into tears, the jaws of my brothers and fathers dropped, I had actually gone through with it for them. As time went by, my family thought of me less as the son who made a sacrifice, to their daughter, my brothers were overly protective of me, my father showed me off like a trophy, my mother pampered me, for all our small town knew, I was just Madison, every boy’s wet dream, and you know what, I loved it.

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