Wish Come True !!

The Anime convention was just days away, and Ben still couldn’t find an original costume. Every idea he had submitted had been taken, and he was beginning to think he would have to skip it this year unless he could come up with something quick. Ben looked forward to the convention every year- it was the one thing he ever really got into, and not being able to go would crush him. And with only two days to go it became apparent that he would need a miracle to come up with a unique idea and prepare a costume in time. Knowing this, he did the only thing he could think of. Ben always tossed a coin into the well in the park when he passed by it, normally just on reflex, but sometimes to make an actual wish. Today was one of those days. He decided to pass by the well on his way to the library and give it a shot- what did he have to lose?

“I wish I could have an original costume for the convention, he thought as he tossed a penny into the well. Then, without warning, the changes began. To his shock his pants shrank to his legs, becoming opaque nylon tights. His shirt ballooned out into a puffy blue dress, and his shoes grew up his legs, sprouting giant heels on the bottom. He was visibly frightened now, but his transformation wasn’t over. Golden hair cascaded down his back, soft breasts grew fronm his chest, and to his horror he felt his package shrink into his body, leaving only a disturbing smoothness. He had become a gir!? Terrified, he peered over the edge of the well on one heel, but the coin had sank out of sight. His wish had been granted- he had his original costume now and he was going to have it for years to come, whether he liked it or not.

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