They tried to warn me. “That place is messed up,” they said, “it’s not worth the money!” But for me, you understand, a bet isn’t about the money – it’s about the glory of a win, of getting one over on your peers. Besides, this one seemed easy. Admittedly I was new to the area but just how bad could this ‘haunted’ house be? Even if they used tricks to try and spook me it would only be fora night… why did everyone think I was so crazy to accept it? Of course, now I know why. The night itself was anti-climactic in a way – there were no creaking doors, no ghouls and no howls in the night. There was just this strangely alluring bed, and the moment I lied on it I tumbled into a deep sleep.

I awoke the next day transformed into the woman you see now. I remember panicking at first, hoping that this was just the guys messing around. But as I discovered the space between my legs, I found myself becoming excited… and it was then that I knew what I had become. You see… I’m a chick now, and I absolutely love it. And why am I telling you all of this, you ask? Well because this is what’s going to happen to you when you wake up tomorrow. You can’t fight it though… trust me, you don’t want to fight it. Anyway, enough talk! Come here and give it to me… and tomorrow you can find out how much better the romance is from our perspective!


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