Will you Marry me?

Please, Miss Holloway…Elizabeth…why won’t you marry me? I love you! You know l would be a good husband to you! Marry me and I will take you away from this war.

I know, Robert, but I wouldn’t be a good wife to you. I have…problems.

Now, don’t be afraid, Elizabeth. Whatever your problems are l will be by your side as your husband and we will work them out together. What problems do you have, my love?

I might as well tell you now before you go any further. I was actually born a boy named Daniel. When this awful war started I joined up to fight but in that horrible battle in Tennessee I was shot in my…unmentionables…and I almost died. When I was released and came back home my parents wanted to overcome my handicap by making me be a girl from now on. My mother and father are making me urmph… wear these…umphhh…corsets and dresses, from now on. I can’t be a wife to you.

Elizabeth, Darling, I already know that. We all know that. You were the only one in the entire town who went off to war who came back alive from that battle and everyone loves you for it. We all think it is wonderful you’re a girl now, and truthfully you’re one of the prettiest girls we know. You are absolutely alluring in a dress! My dear, if you promise you will marry me I will tell you my own secret-It may look like a man but I am really a woman. My name used to be Helen

My Gracious! I always wondered why you didn’t go off to war yourself. But, you are one of the most dashing gentlemen I know! How can you be a woman?

Someday women will be able to do what they like, walk down the street unaccompanied, and maybe even vote, but women today are too restricted by society. As a man, I was able to start my own business and now I am one of the richest people in the country. Please marry me, Elizabeth, and I will make sure you will love being a woman from now on. You are the perfect match for me, my love.

But Helen… I mean Robert. I don’t understand! Even if you are a woman I am not able to…please you…as a man. How can I possibly be the perfect match for you? Like I said, a musket ball made me a woman.

Elizabeth darling, don’t you remember the conversation we had yesterday?

I do, but you were only talking about your business as a tailor and how you wanted me to help you put a dress together. I still don’t understand

Oh, my little dove, my business is in manufacturing, not as a tailor. That’s not what I meant when I was talking about scissoring with you

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