Will You Marry Me?

Nick laid in the bed and was still thinking about the night before and what his girlfriend’s proposal. It all started when Nick and Veronica went to dinner at their favorite restaurant. They had dated for two years now and Nick knew that he had to go a step further. However even as he loved her very much, he couldn’t pull himself together to ask her to become his wife. He just was too scared that she would refuse. But he somehow felt that Veronica wasn’t satisfied with their current situation anymore since during the past weeks she had asked him to do some strange things which had begun to make him even more insecure. But now it was clear to him why she asked him details about his work and family. Even the strange questions about how he would feel if he had been born a woman made sense now. Nick thought again in the evening before. Veronica had dressed in the dress he liked the most and he knew that under the dress she was wearing her favorite lingerie and stockings. They had a perfect meal and then Veronica opened a little box with two identical rings. She didn’t say a word as she handed him one of them and put the other one on her finger and looked at him. He did the same and in the very next moment, he was staring at himself.

The look down at himself shocked him even more since somehow he seemed to be in Veronica’s body now. Before he could say something his body was kneeling before him and he was taken aback as he heard the words:”Nick, I love you. Will you marry me?” He just nodded since that could only mean that his beloved Veronica was in his body. The rest of the evening was dreamlike to him. The explanation about some reversal rings, the awkward feeling as he moved in her body, but the most wonderful thing came later. She led him home and began kissing him. She knew exactly how to make his current body so aroused that he didn’t stop her as she undressed him before she lay him on the bed. As she entered him, he embraced her with his slender arms as he let out a cry of pleasure. His body was on fire and they made love most of the night. Nick awoke alone in the bed and the feeling of his satisfied body confirmed to him that he was really in Veronica’s body. He looked beside him and found a note on the abandoned pillow. “Nick, I love you very much, but you miss something that I have. It should have been the other way around, as usual, it should be the man who should have the courage to propose. Therefore I have corrected that now. And now I have to ask you now another question. Veronica, will you marry me and become my wife?”

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