Will do Anything to Win !!

“I guess it’s time we got you some female swimwear,” Matt’s trainer,Billy, told him.Matt sat on the beach after taking his usual morning swim. Only, this time, a bunch of surfers had hooted at him as he dove into the water. It was easy to see why.”How did I let you talk me into this?” Matt asked.”Look, I know this seems desperate,but it’s our best bet to get a golo medal. This rule change means you can complete with the women if you claim to be transgender, and you don’t even have to lose your pride and joy!'” “I can compete with the men! Or, at least, I could’ve, before these,” Matt said, grabbing at his chest.

Billy shook his head. “Hate to break it to you, bro, but you were never strong enough to win against them. But against a bunch of girls? You’ll clean up!” Matt shook his head, despondent. “I’m not so sure. Look at what the estrogen’s done to my body! I’ve lost, like, half of my muscle mass! And I have fucking tits, man. My hundred-meter time is down by eight seconds.”Billy shrugged. “We just need to work harder. But, first, we need to get you that new swimsuit. Would you be totally against a bikini?” “Wow you look like a proper chick in that orange bikini and blonde hair..damn I would hit that”.

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