Will do Anything for a Friend !!

“Ok, darling I was expecting that you would not dare to do it,” Victoria told her best male friend Alex as he opened the door and walked up to her dressed as Alexandria.

“I have to agree l am looking more as a woman then I was expecting.”

“That’s true and I am happy to see that you are wearing the red dress and high heels I requested you to wear.

“Yes, when you asked me if I would do anything for your love I meant it when I said yes.”

“But Alex I would never have expected that you would dress yourself in a fancy dress and high heels for me.”

“Hey, I stick to my promise and I have to admit that I am starting to like the feeling of wearing a dress and high heels.”

“I knew that you would start to like it. I knew that even while having fake long blond hair and breasts you would start to feel yourself a woman.”

‘That’s right this dress is really fitting my body nicely. It even looks if I have more feminine curves than the fake breasts that I am having.

“That is correct Alexandria because you are changing into a woman. As we speak you are developing a complete set of female body parts and these will make you feel more and more a woman.”

“I can already feel it, developing itself because I am starting to think about dating men. But how did you manage to arrange this?”

“I sprayed a potion on the dress and high heels and when you wore them the changes would be triggered.

“As I am now becoming a woman it means that I must adapt myself to new fashion, new behaviors and new feelings. I hope you can help me with that since you have been a woman all your life “

“Yes and soon you will be ready for your next step as a woman.”

“What will that be?”

“Dating men.”

“Mmm, I cannot wait until that will happens.

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