Wife’s Punishment !!

I’ll never forget the day I hit my wife. And even though that day was a perfect storm of bad news for me, I’ve learned that there’s never any excuse for a thing like that. But that acknowledgement didn’t help my testimony after she had the police arrive at our house. The judge left my sentencing entirely in hands of my wife- she had the best of fucking attorneys. But even I was surprised at her decision for my punishment. She didn’t want me to go to jail. Just the opposite, actually. She wanted me to stay at home. This didn’t sound so bad to me until I discovered what else she got the court to enforce. In the vein of getting me to better “identify” with her” or some bullshit, she was to have me placed in a female bodysuit- some chastity model that couldn’t be removed without technicians.

And my ‘removal’ was entirely up to her. She said I had to earn it. Make her believe I was ready to be a gentelman again. That was two years ago. Since then I’ve been as caring and compassionate as I could be. I’ve done everthying the way she wanted- talk, dress, even smell. And recently I even thought she was showing signs of ending my punishment. I thought that by this Christmas she would be ready to share it with her husband again. I was wrong. My gift was just a small note- “keep trying.” I’m trying to contain my anger. How long is she going to keep me like this? I haven’t seen my manhood in 26 months. I feel like I’m going to be trapped as a woman forever. And for all I know, that may be her plan.

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