‘Aw honey! Do I really have to wear stockings and a garter belt today? It’s too hot out, and bare legs are cooler!’
‘I did not take you from that Halloween party where your wife dressed you as a woman to have a disobedient ‘wife’! Now go upstairs and put on your stockings like a good girl! And you better be wearing a slip under that dress, Marjorie!’
‘Yes dear’
John marveled how far his ‘wife’ had come in six months since he abducted Mark at the costume party. Marjorie had lost thirty pounds, had nice breasts thanks to implants, and always wore pretty dresses and heels to please ‘her’ husband. She was also a terrific cook and great in bed. But every now and then, John had to show who is the boss and who wears the pants in the family. Marjorie returned wearing the stockings and followed her husband out to the car and to their dinner reservations…

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