Who I am Meant to Be !!

Look at how far you’ve gotten. You’ve walked past this mirror every morning and every evening for years, but you’ve rarely spent any time looking at your reflection. The way you walk and move shows no signs of the man you used to be. You are entirely feminine, and more than a little sexy. It wasn’t supposed to go this far. You always had certain desires” other boys did not. A need to be something more than just a boy. At first, you thought you maybe were born 10 percent a girl, but you’ve come to realize that you may actually be 10 percent a boy. Your crossdressing hobby only grew in intensity after you moved out of your parents’ house. It’s not that you were worried that they’d disown you if they knew but now that you have your own wardrobe dedicated to the cutest little outfits your hobby has become compulsive. You need to have these moments of looking and feeling like any other daughter of Venus. You never thought your desire to dress up was sexual. At least not at first. But recently you’ve been having thoughts about being intimate with someone who only knows you like this, Like a sexy woman. To scratch this itch you’ve created your own female persona that you use when chatting with strangers on the internet.

You flirt recklessly with whoever wants to pay you attention But you assured yourself it was just a bit of fun. It wasn’t serious. Many guys are probably guilty of doing the same. It’s the internet, everyone’s anonymous and who cares if you pretend to be a girl flirting with all the boys in these nameless chat rooms. But then you found him. You thought he would be like all the others. A silly boy for you to wrap around your finger. You’d tease him a little, make him confess his secret desires to you, then you could giggle knowing that you’ve perfected the feminine illusion. But something did not go according to plan The way he wrote to you made you feel so submissive. You couldn’t possibly tease him, because he made you lost for words. When he asked you to buy new lingerie, you did. hen he asked you to take pictures of yourself you did. You wanted him to be proud of you. To call you his “good girl. It’s been months since he first came to you. Today you are meant to meet up in a hotel room. You have no doubts that you will look sexy for him, but you are nervous going outside dressed as a woman. But then again, you now wonder if there was ever any point in keeping this side of yourself a secret when it is so clearly who
you were meant to be.

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