When a Woman Dominates !!

I never thought a woman could dominate me the way Sandrine has. At first, it was little things: My wardrobe, grooming habits, meals, and even the deodorant I wore. It was irritating, but I put up with her demands. Why? Because Sandrine was the most beautiful chick I’d ever seen, let alone slept with! And she was bisexual too which was incredibly sexy. So, yeah, when she asked me to grow my hair out and lose the burrito belly, I did it. And, okay, some of the outfits she bought me were a little androgynous.But when you’re with a woman like Sandrine, none of that matters. You only care about making her happy. For a while, life was good. Sandrine ran out of “improvements” and I was getting lots of compliments about my new physique from the women at the ac- counting firm where I worked as an admin assistant.

I loved Sandrine, but I was weak. Feeling guilty, I tried to break it off with the girl I cheated on her with. Big mistake. She went crazy, posting details about the affair on Facebook.Sandrine’s furious voicemail when she found out is burned into my memory like a brand, it was the moment my life changed forever. Unable to bear losing her, I begged forgiveness. “I can forgive you,” she said. “But I can’t trust you.” For our relationship to continue, more improvements were needed. Soon, she bought me a whole other wardrobe and hormone shots to keep my libido in check. Worse, she made me tell HR that I was transgendered so I could wear skirts to the office. Needless to say, the women don’t look at me the same way anymore … and neither does my boss, Mr.Sterling.

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