Barry was in the living room when he heard the key go into the front door. For a moment he froze in panic but then he heard his sister Wendy open the door with what sounded like two of her friends. He was standing in the middle of the room wearing his sister’s tight white top, a grey skirt, her black pantyhose, and black heels. In another few moments, they would be far enough in to see him. In desperation, he ran to the window and hid behind the long curtains. Wendy came in followed by Sandra and Michelle, her two best friends. They were busy talking about something to do with a dance practice they wanted to go over. Barry hoped that they would go up to her room giving him a chance to get to his own room before they saw him. He could only hope that his sister wouldn’t notice that some of her dance clothes were missing. He always envied his sister for the girly things she could do and in particular her dance classes. Every chance he got he would try on her different outfits and dance by himself in the living room where there was the most space. Barry could hear his heart thumping in his chest as he tried to breathe quietly behind the curtain. He groaned when the girls settled down on some armchairs in the living room and began to talk. He dared to peek out through a tiny crack in the curtains to see what they were doing. The had begun to talk about leg waxing and now Sandra and Michelle had pulled up their short skirts to show Wendy the results of their home bikini waxing.

Barry nearly lost his balance at the site of the two girls showing off their legs and panties to him. He tried to calm himself down and even forced himself to close his eyes. A few moments later Michelle screamed so loudly he nearly jumped out of the skin.”What’s wrong!” Wendy said in a panic. “There’s someone behind the curtain!” shrieked Michelle. Barry’s heart turned to stone and he felt his knees beginning to quiver. All three girls screamed at this news and it took them quite a few moments to be able to talk again.”Are you sure,” Wendy said.”Yes! I saw the curtain move.”The girls all screamed again and Wendy announced she was going to call the police. Barry shook his head in disbelief. The police! That was all he needed.”There! It moved again!” Michelle shouted.”I saw it too!” exclaimed Sandra.”I’m going to call the police,” Wendy said and Barry heard her walking out into the hallway to get her phone. Barry had to do something before Wendy made the call. He stepped out from behind the curtain.”Er, hi,” he said but it was drowned out by more shrieks from the girls. From outside he heard Wendy shouting to her friends in a panic.”What’s going on? What happened?”She sounded close to tears but by now the girl’s shrieks of terror had changed to uncontrollable laughing. “What on earth is going on?” Wendy demanded as she came back into the room to see why her friends were laughing so hard they couldn’t speak. A moment later she saw Barry standing by the window dressed in her clothes with what looked like socks stuffed into the cups of the bra he must be wearing.

“What do you think you are doing Barry?” she asked. “He must have been spying on us!” Sandra said.”I think Wendy should be more worried as to why he is dressed like a girl,” Michelle pointed out.”And he’swearing my clothes!” Wendy shouted. Barry’s mind was frozen. He couldn’t think of any plausible excuse to explain why he was dressed as a girl. The girls didn’t wait for an explanation.”If he is that interested in being a girl and leg waxing then let’s do it for him,” Sandra said. They dragged Barry up to Wendy’s room and pulled off his shoes and the pantyhose. Two of the girls pinned him down while the third applied wax all over his legs. Then they took their time pulling the wax off and enjoying the way he writhed in agony as each strip came away. He begged for mercy but the girls were just having too much fun….

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