What have you done to my face? Jeremy asked.
His girlfriend Ashley responded “Don’t you recognize that face, you two seemed to be pretty familiar with each other the other night. I came over early the other day and saw you two getting busy. When you two were done and she walked out I slipped a chloroform rag over her face and drugged her into the spare bedroom. I then took several pictures and measurements and then went to a friend of mine for some help. They created a perfect replica of her face and breasts. Once I received those items, I then came home and fixed dinner for you. Of course, it had some sleeping pills crushed up in your half. While you were sleeping I slid the mask over your head. After making sure it was where it needed to be, I applied this makeup they gave me over the bottom of the mask.

I love how you can’t tell where it ends. Next came the breast forms, followed by more of the makeup to cover the seams. Then came the same outfit she was wearing that night. I’m sure you didn’t see much of this outfit but trust me this is it”
Jeremy started apologizing and making up excuses for what happened that night, but Ashley didn’t believe a single word of it.
Ashley told him “I have something to give you before I go. Here is your purse it has your ID and other stuff. Once you get settled in with everything, let me know and we can hang out sometime. Talk to you later Tara Erickson”

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