“I’ve got nothing, you’re going to have to go and get me some of her clothes” Jack ordered his friend as he stood over him in nothing but his underwear. His friend, Sam, couldn’t look his former friend in the eye as he spoke though, he found it really embarrassing. Jack and Sam were messing around in the attic of Jack’s house when they discovered an ancient looking book. It was in a foreign language and portrayed weird symbols and pictures across the papers. Weirded out by why the book would be in his attic, Jack tried to say one of the strange pages when a mist emanated from the book. The mist filled the attic and when it finally dissipated, Sam was in shock why his mother in only a lacy set of lingerie stood where Jack was. ”What happened to me,” Jack said as a sultry voice passed his red smooth lips that contrasted his now pale skin.  He stared at himself in a dusty mirror in the corner of the attic, his fiery red hair fell onto his narrow shoulders. He licked his smooth red lips at the sight of her voluptuous body in such revealing lingerie. Jack coerced Sam to go and steal some of his mom’s clothes so he wouldn’t be naked forever. “I’ll make it worth your while” Jack whispered into his friend’s ear as his dainty hands brushed past his crotch and he licked his red lips towards Sam. “Ew dude, your my mom now,” he said in disgust. Jack was starting to behave like she would and who knows what he would start doing if he stayed in her body any longer. Sam might be forced down by his best friend in his mom’s body. All he did know was that she was smoking hot and even Sam looked a little turned on when he came onto him.

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