A Weekend of Living the Luxurious Life !!

It’s only one public appearance, then thats it, It’s on told myself as left the limo on my way to the hotel room. “A weekend of living the luxurious life, then I can go back to being the recluse that I’ve always been. I am a successful author. Unlike others who claim that,I actually reap the big numbers. My books sell to millions across the world. Often translated to different languages, but the prose’s shit enough that that doesn’t really matter. I write some of the trashiest romance novels imaginable. I’d be more embarrassed about that if it wasn’t intentional. I know that I’m in it only for the money, and I even make sure to use a pen name, A female pen name, to be precise. I wonder how many of my innocent readers would freak out if they knew that a man was behind the books that have so perfectly captured their romantic (and sometimes outright erotic) fantasies. I am somewhat cynical and jaded, yes. I rarely go outside, and I guess I fit the role of a misanthrope quite well. My publisher don’t mind, though. She is happy enough with the money bring in. As long as I keep writing new books (I get four published each year) she will continue to applaud me. But then this year something new came up Turns out that somewhere along the line the fabled “Penelope Winton my pen name, had been booked to make an appearance during a book fair in New York.

I strictly told my publisher that I had never agreed to show my face in public, and that the pen name was deliberately chosen so that wouldn’t even be possible. They couldn’t get away with hiring an actress to play the part of the reclusive author, could they? No they couldn’t. But they found a way, by referring to some vaguely phrased sentence in one of the many contracts I have signed over the years to get me to dress up like the part. No-one wanted to break the illusion of who Penelope was ,certainly not the publishers. So here I am, in heels, spending the weekend masquerading as a rich lady. My assistant just told me that the hotel room wouldn’t be available for me until late evening. It seems that I am forced to make more than one appearance.

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