Ricky stood in front of his cupboard and stared in disbelief at the empty rail and shelves. His clothes were all gone and with a sinking feeling he knew just why. His wife Sharon came to the bedroom door and stood there watching him as he shivered wearing nothing but white cotton panties. “Where are my clothes?” he asked. When Sharon had caught him browsing some TG Caption sites on the Internet she had been shocked to tears. Ricky had tried to explain to her that it was just a harmless bit of fun but for two days she hadn’t spoken to him. Then on the third day she told him that if he wanted to be a sissy then that was the way it would be. She had read up on forced fem ideas on the web and now she was going to give him more than he asked for. She thew out all of his underwear and replaced them with cotton panties that he was forced to wear instead. Ricky had secretly liked the idea but he didn’t want to tell his wife that and hoped that the whole incident would blow over.

But now she had thrown out all of his clothes too. “A good little sissy doesn’t need man clothes, you can wear some of my old dresses,” Sharon said sternly. She was really beginning to enjoy humiliating her husband. Ricky was not at all comfortable with that. Wearing panties was fun but wearing panties in front of his wife? And what was he supposed to wear if he wanted to go out? “You can’t be serious Sharon, this is too much,” he tried.”I am serious. Try this skirt on, I don’t wear it any more.” Sharon gave him a pink skirt that barely came halfway down his shaved legs along with matching pink heels.He held out the skirt and looked down at the dress that felt light and airy.”I can’t wear this,” Ricky protested, feeling very girly in the flowing skirt.”It fits you just fine,” Sharon said. “We’ll go shopping for some ladies’ pants and shirts for you for when you need to go out. “And what if someone comes over in the meantime?” he asked. “Not what, but when,” Sharon said. “I’ve invited Judy and Lisa over for dinner…”

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