Do you know Jessie? When these girls cursed us then, I never thought I would get used to my new life.
Yeah Yeah.
Earlier I never paid attention to what I look like. But now I take care of my body, daily using moisturizer for my skin and my hair is brushed at least a hundred times before I go to bed. Being beautiful means a lot of work and care, right?
Yeah Yeah.
I used to love fast food and enjoyed eating a good steak. But now I am used to eating almost no meat or greasy food and I don’t miss sugary drinks at all. A girl like me has to take good care of her figure, right?
Yeah Yeah.
In the past, I just slipped into a pair of jeans and put on a T-shirt. But now my wardrobe is filled with a variety of skirts, dresses, blouses and pants. And of course, I also have a lot of shoes and boots, because a girl like me has to have the right footwear for every outfit, right?

Yeah Yeah.

In the past, a shopping spree was short, and I only bought the bare essentials to quickly find a table to drink several glasses of beer. But now I can spend hours trying on things in a clothing store without getting bored. And I love to find the right shoes afterward. Shopping has changed thoroughly for us, right?
Yeah Yeah.
Say, Jessie. Do you even listen to me?
What? Oh, I’m sorry, Helena. What were you saying? I’ve been dreaming all the time, just thinking about Adam.
Adam? Hey, we’re here for shopping and not that you should dream of a man.
I know, I know. But we are girls now and pretty ones too. So, it’s only normal that I will sometimes dream of my new boyfriend, right?
Yeah Yeah.


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