“There he is girls. I told you he wouldn’t get far, not with those four-inch heels he’s wearing, and with that corset, he’d get winded pretty fast.”
“Come on, please let me go. Haven’t you tormented me enough?”
“Tormented you? Honey, we’ve done you a tremendous favor. As my geeky neighbor, you were plain, completely forgettable, we have made you gorgeous. Aren’t you grateful to us?”
“Grateful? I never wanted to be dressed up like a girl, but now that you’ve all had a good laugh at my expense, can I go home?”

“Go home? Certainly not, cutie. Tonight is the big school dance, and you are looking way too pretty to not show off.”
“I can’t be seen like this, I would never live it down.”
“I don’t think anyone will recognize you if you play the part. Do a good job acting like a regular girl, thrilled to be looking so great in that gorgeous dress, and no-one will have any idea you’re a boy.”
“At least not until Monday when they see all the pictures we took.”

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