Only Way to Pay Rent !!

“Looking good, babe!” Henry shouted at me. “Shut up,” I grumbled. “Y know how humiliating this is for me? One thing to dress up like this indoors, but having to walk outside is just… it’s the worst! “Oh, calm your tits. It’s not a long walk, and I know we both plan on drinking at the party,” Henry said. Call me a goody two-shoes, but I don’t drink and drive.” “Of course I am going to drink. It’s the only way I’ll be able to tolerate this,” sighed. “I can see people staring at me they’re probably wondering what kind of freak you are walking next to.” “Are you kidding me?” Henry said, and sounded genuinely confused. “They’re probably wondering what I’ve done to get such a hot babe to go out with me. You’re either my sister, or I’m some sort of tech genius with loads of cash.” “Hot babe?” I asked.

“Look dude, I know that I went all out with this ouffit. I commit to things, even stupid bets. But you’re not going to trick me into thinking that I look good dressed like this. “Nah!” Henry laughed. “I am just excited for people to think I’m some great lover capable of scoring solid hotties like you. I won’t even tell them who you really are. “Oh, fuck off!” I said. But at some level Ifelt comforted. If no-one knows it’s me, then that’s good. I’d rather take personal humiliation than public humiliation. “And I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures…” Henry said. “Because… I’ve gotta have evidence that you had the balls to go through with the bet. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t pay your debts!” lf I find out you’ve kept copies on your computer,” I said. “I’ll burn your fucking hard drive.

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