Waiting for his Fate !!

Jason checked his watch. His friend Michelle was thirty minutes late, which wasn’t like her.They’d been playing around with an old spell book and discovered an incantation that would allow two people to swap bodies, and they’d been fooling around with this for a couple of weeks, spending a few hours in each other’s body for a laugh.Today they’d swapped and then agreed to meet up three hours later to swap back, but they could only do this if they were in the same place.Jason was starting to worry. What if Michelle had decided she preferred being him and had run off? What if she’d been run over and was now in hospital? What if she was dead? No one would believe he was really Jason, so unless he wanted to end up in a metal hospital he’d need to take a stab at living Michelle’s life, which in the short term would mean going back to the house she shared with her boyfriend, Adam, and trying to do her secretarial job.He decided to give her another half an hour…

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