“Well, it’s about time.” Clark said as he leaned against the fence, “I have been waiting here for an hour. Where were you?”

Clark’s roommate, Rob was a bit confused at the sight; at first, thinking that the beautiful women he was staring at was talking to someone else.

“It’s me, Rob. It’s Clark.” He said as he stood up straight, teetering on his heels, “That bitch I went home with stole my body and left me stranded with nothing.”

After a little convincing Rob finally bought Clark’s story and the two headed up to their apartment.

“Home sweet home,” Clark said as he took off his heels, “You need to help me figure this out, dude.”

Rob sat down next to Clark, his eyes moving up and down his friend’s new body. A bulge was forming in Rob’s pants and Clark was quick to notice. Clark began to panic, not at the reaction of his friend, but of the reaction of his new body, as he began to feel a bit warm in his new crotch.

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