Valentine’s Day !!

Sharla and Diane stood on the bottom step surrounded by valentines day Balloons. The 2 men in suits stood in awe. Sharla in black was stunning. Diane in white was nervous and it showed. her white dress too low cut, too short and her cork wedgies were not comfy at all and just to high. Robert was Sharla’s date, her boss at work, and good friend for years. Ken was Diane’s date, friend of Robert, and bi-sexual. Ken had been single for over a year and had been telling Robert how he missed having dates and a special person in his life. He had mentioned it to Sharla last week at the office and Sharla perked up and smiled. I have an idea but you can’t tell Ken anything other than you are going on a double date, and that you are gonna fix him up with a cute blonde. Sharla then detailed her plan. Her husband had been out of work for several months, and while at home had been caught wearing his wife’s panties and bra while cleaning the house. Robert chuckled and asked if she thought he would be passable. She said yes, but what did it matter if Ken was bi-sexual. Laughing he said that it would be important because he had big plans for Valentines day with his personal assistant and did not want anything to mar the night. She agreed and said dont worry, just be at my home by 5 pm on Valentines. True to her world, Dave was converted into Diane on the ruse that his wife needed to impress the boss in her skills and making people do what she needs them to do so she can get a pay raise. Dave agreed but protested when she glued realistic breasts on his chest. Once Diane appeared, Dave was really scared at how pretty he looked. After all, he did not want to be beat up by this man Ken. She smiled and said dont worry. Needless to say Diane was a hit with Ken and after dinner, Ken took Diane back to his condo and they spend the night learning all about the things Diane had no clue about. Now Sharla has a great 25 percent pay raise, and it seems she got a raise out of Robert all night. They have plans for a 2 week cruise for both couples. Of course only the best suites are planned and I dont think Dave will appear anytime soon. Sharla made a few calls the next day to one of Roberts friends at the country club. Diane has an appointment with Dr Good stuff to see about breast implants and who knows what else. Sharla only needed to pick a size. Maybe full C cup or maybe D

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