Updating the Tinder Profile!!

“What have you done to me?” Steven screamed when he woke up. Just a few minor improvements babe. No big deal,” Katie was sitting in the opposite corner of the room, with her legs crossed, filing her own nails, not paying attention to her boyfriend’s predicament. She had been staring at that face for hours while she worked on it. She knew what it looked like, Steven spun around furiously. “I look like some kind of freak!” Katie looked up, angry that he just insulted her work. You look gorgeous you ungrateful ass,” she stood up, ready to hit him. Steven flinched and Katie laughed maniacally. He was dolled up in a gold silky outfit.

“Why did you do this?” Steven asked, almost in tears. “I got sick of you using Tinder so much. I know you say it’s just for fun, and you are just playing around, but it’s rude to those women to make them think you’re available. I’m not entirely sure l trust you Steven. “So you turn me into a girl?” “I thought you could update your profile with your new look,” she handed him his phone with the Tinder app open. To his horror, his manly pictures were gone and already replaced with pictures of his new feminine face that Katie had taken while he slept. “The real question is, what will you list as the gender you’re interested in?” Katie winked at the new player in the Tinder game.

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