Cassandra and her eighteen-year-old son, Frank, had had a bit of a disagreement lately. Cassandra was a stay-at-home and did everything for her husband and especially Frank, even though he was well old enough to clean his room, do his laundry, etc. What made it worse was that he didn’t appreciate any of it and was regularly nasty to her treating her as if she were just a maid. One day, Cassandra decided she’d had enough. What Frank didn’t know about her, was that she was a witch, with the power to change people and reality at the snap of a finger Now, it was time to teach her ungrateful son a lesson. Cassandra found Frank in the living room watching TV and smiled.
“What’re you doing down here? Don’t you have paperwork and laundry to do or something?” He scowled, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

“Actually, you’re the one who has to do it now,” She said, snapping her fingers. Frank’s entire body froze up and rose above the couch. Immediately, his entire body started to grow smaller and formed into an hourglass figure. His hips expanded, and a female reproductive system formed inside him. Fat congealed in his ass cheeks and plumped it up. His waist and sides started to curve inwards, and his chest hair shed. Soon, his face started to change, becoming like his mother’s: thin lips, pointy nose, and big blue eyes. His hair started to lighten in color until it was dirty blonde, and it lengthened, reaching his lower back. Finally, his body started to age quickly, gaining some blemishes on his skin and small wrinkles on his face. His clothes morphed and became a white, see-through gown.
“What the hell-” Frank paused, hearing his mother’s voice from his lips. Then he looked down and screamed, seeing that he was not his mom!
“Let’s see how much you like doing chores, mom. Then maybe you’ll appreciate all the things I do for you!” Cassandra laughed and Jumped on the couch in the spot where Franks once sat, happy to take a vacation from her life.


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