Joe sat at the bar sipping his drink. Tonight, he wasn’t Joe the accountant, he was Joanne the vamp and he was thoroughly enjoying himself in the quiet bar. He had been sitting there for quite a while when he became aware of some girls laughing at some girly joke behind him. He looked around and felt his heart stop as he realized they were Suzy, Ellen, and Lindsey, three women he knew from work. They were sitting in a corner and had been watching him. He tried to just sit still and fade into the background but he could feel them looking at him.

“Joe, fancy meeting you here!” Suzy called out to him and the other two women giggled. Instinctively Joe turned around when he heard his name but then quickly looked away.

“No! Really? Is that Joe?” Lindsey exclaimed in mocking disbelief. Joe tried to ignore them hoping they would think they were making a mistake but now the girls were really staring at him.

“It is Joe!” Ellen shouted in triumph. “Joe is a transvestite! Sandra thought you were a bit feminine but I never expected this.” Sandra was another accountant at the office and Joe cringed at the thought of her finding out he was a crossdresser. Joe was desperate. It was obvious the girls were talking to him now. He turned around and put on his most feminine voice.

“Excuse me, I think you are making a mistake,” he said but he was so nervous his voice sounded just like it always did, deep, rough, and very masculine. The girls squealed with laughter. “Oh I do like your leggings,” Suzy said. “Where did you get them from?” “Will you join us for a drink, Joe?” Ellen asked. Joe could take no more. He quickly got up and headed past the girls for the door. As he ran up the steps he could hear them calling after him. “Hey Joe, you didn’t finish your drink!” Lindsay shouted. “See you at work tomorrow, and I hope you won’t just be wearing another one of those boring suits,” Ellen added. But poor Joe didn’t know if he could bring himself to turn up for work. Not when he imagined the smug look Sandra would give him once the girls informed her of the night before…


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