“No, George I am not regretting taking the pills you had bought for me. Transforming into a woman and becoming a secretary is better than being unemployed.It is quite a change to have a soft skin, long delicate hair and breasts. I will get used to my new looks and get what I want.” former man I know how I can use my new looks to get It started when Allan was unemployed and George knew a position as secretary. There was one big hurdle to take Allan was a man. Therefore, they went to a gipsy to give them some advice. The gipsy gave a set of pills, which Allan should take. After taking the pills, Allan passed out. The last thing Allan could remember was a strange feeling across his whole body. After that, he lost consciousness and when he regained consciousness, he noticed that his body has changed Allan had become a woman and to help his friend George went shopping. During his shopping trip, he bought a skirt, top, underwear, stockings and shoes.When he returned Allan now Alice slipped into while checking her body. The transformation had really happened perfectly. When she put on the thong, she noticed how well that it fitted between her legs. Really feeling like a woman now made here aware that, she was Alice now and that she had to start living as a woman.

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