Norman shook his head at Carol. “I can’t do this, it will never work,” he said.”You’ve come this far and it will work because it has to,” Carol told him.Norman was dressed as a Hooters girl and about to leave for his first day on the job. He still couldn’t believe how quickly things had happened and now there seemed no way to turn back.Norman had been out of work for six months and living with his girlfriend who was fed up with paying for all of the bills on her own. She demanded he get a job but he was in no hurry. After all, he had somewhere to live and sports on the television and that was enough for him. In the end she said that if he didn’t find a job then she would find one for him or else he could leave. Norman had to agree but he wasn’t expecting Carol to call in a favor with a friend of hers who worked at the local Hooters’ bar. When Carol told him that she had set him up for an interview with the bar manager and that he would have to learn how to be a woman he realized she was serious.The first stage of his feminization was shaving his legs, arms and body. Norman kind of liked the idea of Carol shaving his body and enjoyed the smooth sensation of his skin when she was done. Then Carol held up a pair of white cotton panties and told him to put them on. Now that it had actually come to putting on some girl’s clothes he wasn’t so keen but Carol told him that if gave her any more trouble then he could start packing. He put on the panties and was embarrassed at how well the fit him. Carol gave him a bra to put on and padded out the cups with some breast formers.She stood back and looked at him. She had to admit to herself she had done a good job and he was already looking quite feminine. She gave him a wig to put on and the transformation was complete. Norman really did look like a girl standing there in her underwear. It was the evening before his interview and Carol spent several hours teaching Norman how to walk like a girl, to relax his shoulders and be softer in his movements.

They practiced his voice and soon he was sounding just like a real woman.The next day Carol dressed Norman as a girl again and gave him a tight t-shirt and tight jeans to wear before sending him off on his way.”And remember to be sexy,” she told him.When Norman arrived at the bar Carol’s friend Melly was there to check him over and make sure he looked the part. She couldn’t help smirking at how girly Norman looked and said that he shouldn’t have any problems passing the interview.In the end, she was right. The manager took one look at Norman, asked him a few questions about where he had worked in the past and gave him the job. The manager handed over the Hooters uniform and told him to come in the next day to start work.The next day Carol feminized her boyfriend for his first day on the job. It was only once Norman put on the uniform that he realized just how skimpy it was. The top was stretched tight across his chest and the shorts were so tight he was sure that each time he bent over they would show his bottom. “Everyone will know right away that I am a boy,” he told Carol who was laughing so hard at him she had to sit down. “And stop laughing this isn’t funny.””Yes it is and you look fine. In fact you are much prettier as a girl than you are as a boy.”Norman blushed. He didn’t want to admit to Carol that he had never felt so sexy in his whole life.Carol looked at her watch.”Time to go or you’ll be late and you don’t want to be late on your first day on the job,” she said.As Norman headed for the front door she couldn’t help giving him a pat on the butt.”Have fun girl,” she winked at him and then pushed him out the door before he could change his mind.When Norman arrived at the bar he went in through the back entrance to meet Melly and some of the other girls who all crowded around him to see the ‘new girl’. Melly had told them all that he was really a boy and they all offered him advice on how best to deal with the customers.”The trick is to keep the customers happy and interested,” said a blond girl with a huge cleavage.”That’s easy for you to say Jill, but Nora doesn’t have any cleavage,” Melly pointed out.”If you want tips, then give them some of this,” said another girl as she pushed out her booty and wiggled it at him.”Whoo hoo!” shouted the girls who then began high-fiving each other.

“Wait a minute,” said the blond girl with the large chest. “He can’t go out there wearing those panties because it is giving him a clear panty-line.The girls all gathered around to inspect Norman’s shorts and agreed that the cotton panties that Carol had given him to wear were just too big to fit under his tight orange shorts.”That’s okay, you can borrow one of my thongs,” Melly said and offered him a thin green lacy thong to wear.Norman took the thong and looked around for somewhere to change. Melly could see what he was thinking.”There’s no need to be shy now Nora, we are all girls here now.’Norman had no choice but to pull off his shorts revealing the pale blue panties that Carol had given him to wear that morning. He heard one of the girls whisper something behind him and a couple of other girls giggled. Norman nearly fainted with embarrassment as he pulled off the blue panties hoping to put on the thong as quickly as possible. He could hear more giggling now and even Melly had a big grin on her face. With the thong in place Norman pulled on his shorts and faced the girls again. The blond girl ran her hand over his bottom to check that it was smooth.Melly could see that Norman was losing his courage but before he could turn and run she led him by the hand to the door that led to the bar.”Here we go,” she said and pushed him through the door.As soon as Norman entered the bar all he could see was a mass of faces and leering eyes. As soon as the crowd saw him there was a rush of whistling and patrons began calling out to attract his attention.On the other side of the door Melly watched as Norman made his way across the bar with all eyes on him. She picked up her mobile phone and called Carol.”Your little girl is just getting warmed up,” she snickered into the phone and could hear Carol shrieking with laughter on the other end. “The crowd just loves those legs of his.”As she watched Norman was leaning over trying to take an order from a table. Behind him a middle-aged customer was taking a picture of his butt.”Oh, and it looks like his butt his getting some attention too…”

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