Unemployed and Desperate !!

After a nervous breakdown at the age of 29 Mike Lewis found himself unemployed and feared he’d never get his way back into the workplace. He’s amazed then when businessman Donald Cooper, a 50 year old friend of Mike’s father offers him a job as his secretary in the town of Wintersnap.The only odd condition is that on rare occasions when a certain Japanese client Mr Wagami comes to town, Mike has to pretend to be a woman. This is because Mr Wagami is very traditional and the idea of a male secretary would disgust him.Strangely Mike doesnt mind .

He’s always been kind of feminine anyway and acted as a woman in a college play and so once a month he reinvents himself as Roxanne for a few days.For a while everything was fine but now Mr Wagami has decided to build a new mall in Wintersnap, and has moved to the town fultime until the job is completed.Suddenly Mike has to live as Roxanne fulltime and its becoming increasingly difficult to think of himself as anything except a woman.Donald’s feelings seems to have changed as well.Where he was once paternal towards Mike, he now seems to be forming a romantic attachment to Roxanne.Mr Wagami isn t due to leave town for another six months.What is Mike going to do?

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