Jeff was trying to watch the YouTube makeup video as he applied Henry’s makeup. He wished the bodysuits came already made up but it was probably better this way. The makeup may not be perfect but when the guys saw them, he was sure it was their chests that they’d be looking at.

Henry wished they’d had some women cops to go undercover but their boss had insisted it had to be them. He told them no-one was to know as there was a mole in the department and he wanted them to be safe. He was the one that arranged for the sexy bodysuits and had the keys to unlock them so they couldn’t escape. Don smiled as he watched the two get made up. They’d be a real hit at the auction and probably net him a nice commission from Tony. It would also get rid of the two cops most likely to find out he was the mole.

After tonight they’d know he was the mole but they’d also be on their way out of the country with their new owners. Nadine and Jillisa would still be doing undercover work but catching cocks instead of crooks.


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