Tim wasn’t sure who he was looking for but he knew that his contact was somewhere in the room. He was undercover, being completely transformed into a girl for the mission. Initially he wasn’t too keen on the idea but he had no choice in the matter. 6 months in and he was now comfortable in his role, he was looking for his contact, his handler for the rest of the mission when he was offered a drink, he took a sip, not bad he thought and finished the rest. His head started to spin, he began to stumble but a hand grabbed him, helped him up kept him steady. He was led upstairs to a large suite, the man wasn’t his handler it was the mobster he was assigned to catch, he looked every bit like a woman and now his cover was blown, he realized his predicament when he was injected with something, he passed out.

He awoke chained to a hospital bed. the mobster boss walked in with a smile and said  “Hello Tim”

Tim yelled back at him “what have you done to me” in a much girlier voice.

He just laughed, “that’s not all we changed Tim. You passed so easily as a girl I decided to make you an honest one. That’s right Tim you’re no longer a male, your manhood has been removed and you got womanhood now. No more Undercover, your all girl now and officially your name is now Latanya. your mine now and if you play your cards right you could end up being my trophy wife.

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