Ultimate Irony !!

Before it all happened, Tom had been a successful businessman, content with his life and amenities his cash could afford. Amenities such as a cute buxom blonde by the name of Maddie, one of the new girls who worked at one of the many clubs he frequented. She’d been the first to make eye contact with him, and when he hadn’t made a move to disapprove of her gaze, she’d sashayed her way across the floor towards him. It wasn’t long before he found out what a mean seductress she could be, teasing him just enough to keep him aroused, but never enough to make him satisfied. Relief, she offered, could be provided discreetly in a private if he wished, for a sum of course. The night of passion that followed had been the best of his life; Maddie had fulfilled his every expectation and then some. At the time, he’d simply assumed that she’d figured him for the kind of big spender who could make it worth her while. He knew better now. When he awoke the next morning, he was shocked to find himself in her body! Reading the note that she’d left him, he discovered that he was now the bearer of an age-old curse that had been transferred to him during last night’s lovemaking session and the only way for him to return to his old life was to have sexual intercourse with a man, as a woman! It was the ultimate irony, to regain his manhood, he would first have to embrace his womanhood. Two days, countless tears, and a dozen drinks later found Tom, now going by Maddie, sauntering over using the sexiest walk she could manage towards an affluent-looking businessman whom she recognized as one of the regulars. These damn heels might’ve looked pretty, but they sure were killer on her feet; she couldn’t wait to get out of them and back to the comforts of her old life. She forced a smile as she arrived at her destination and mustered up her most seductive pose before she spoke, beginning with the usual pleasantries but ending with a teaser, “It’s my pleasure to serve you, so if there’s anything at all that l can do for you, you just let me know now all right?”

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