Twin Trouble !!

I have a twin sister. I’m a guy, so we’re obviously not identical, but we get confused often enough. I regret to say that it is me who look girlish, rather than her looking mannish. But it is not something that has plagued me, oftentimes people do not notice that some of my features matches hers. At least I never put on a dress and pretended to be her. That’d be mad, and I would never get such an idea into my head. I wouldn’t, but apparently my sister did. Oh, I’ll explain what happened but the end result is plainly visible. Here I am standing, dressed in one of her dresses, looking like the genuine woman. She works as a substitute teacher, and was recently given a gig at some fancy boarding school. The pay was more than fair-it was absurdly big. So much so that she could not possibly say no. Considering the sort of pay substitute teachers typically gets, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Oh, yes, her excitement was palpable. But then some month ago, she got in an accident.

While it wasn’t life-threatening, she was going to be unable to do the job That is why I am here. Because while we’re not identical, I do apparently look enough like the photograph she sent to her prospective employers. All the arrangements had been done by email, and as long as I kept up the illusion of womanhood I could do her work for her. It took an awful lot to convince me. Family loyalty is one thing, but having to let go of my life as a man for a couple of months just to do my sister a favour is a bit much. It took a lot out of me to make myself this passable, and no man should ever experience having a cleavage. I see you’ve arrived, Miss Clarence my new employer the school’s head teacher, greeted me. “I am happy to meet you in person after our emailing exchange. You are welcomed to join our staff for these next couple of Semesters Next couple of semesters? This was supposed to be for a couple of months. Christ, what did my sister agree to? I am glad to be here,” I said through gritted teeth. “How could I have said no to such an opportunity?”


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