Turning my Boyfriend into a Secretary !!

Larry watched his former girlfriend Claire as she made ready to leave. “I don’t think I can do this,” he wailed. “You had better behave yourself,” Claire snarled at Larry. “And stop talking in your natural voice, put on that feminine voice you do so well.” “But Claire,” Larry began, this time in a high-pitched falsetto. He was sitting in Claire’s seat at her office fully feminized a secretary wearing a tight purple top, a tight black knee-length skirt, heels, and very convincing blonde wig. “Quiet,” Claire ordered and Larry fell silent. “You enjoyed wearing my panties when we were dating now you can be a real girl.” Larry blushed as Claire recalled his fetish. It wasn’t the first time that he regretted getting so carried away wearing Claire’s panties while they were dating. Eventually she got bored with him and they broke up but now she had leverage on him and she used it whenever she wanted. That evening there was a concert she wanted to go to but it was her turn to stay late at the desk at her work. Her boss told her if she could find someone to fill in for her she could go to the concert. The only snag was that the office was for a Women’s Business Leadership organization and her boss insisted that her replacement be a girl. Since all of Claire’s friends were going to the concert as well she picked Larry to fill the part. “After all,” Claire said when she explained her idea to Larry the week before, “if you enjoyed prancing around in my frilly pink panties you are to love being fully feminized. Larry did have a certain thrill at the thought of being out in public as a girl and he had a thrilling time preparing himself for his big performance. Claire showed him how to shave his legs and arms smooth and even lent him some of her own clothes to wear. It was all good fun until he had to actually go to Claire’s work and meet her boss. He was sure that the boss would see right through his disguise but Claire had made a good job of Larry and he passed the interview. Now he had to sit at the front desk for three hours taking calls and greeting anyone he came by. He was terrified but Claire made it clear that if he didn’t finish the job she would tell everyone that he had volunteered to do it because he liked to crossdress. Claire checked herself once more in the mirror before heading for the door. “Let youself out at the end of the evening Sweetie,” she laughed and was gone. Larry set at the desk barely daring to breathe. There was nothing for it, he was going to have to be a girl for the evening. Then the phone range. He took a deep breathe, cleared his throat, and answered the phone…

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