Turned into a School Girl !!

Jimmy West’s sixteenth birthday was a major turning point in his life, only not in the way he’d expected. The Great Ohio Dust Storm hit town that day and Jimmy was one of 37 locals who had a curious reaction to the green dust and were transformed into women.Now Jimmy is Janice, and everything’s changed. He and his fellow transformed students have a lot of new classes to help them deal with now being girls. Jimmy had wanted to join the air force and fly jets, but that doesn’t seem likely now, and his girlfriend Susan has started dating Danny Carter. And on top of that Bruce Killen, line-backer for the school team, keeps pestering Janice for a date.Only two more classes today at least.Cookery and then Secretarial 101 but Jimmy isn’t paying much attention, he’s too busy wondering if Bruce will come by again tonight to ask for another date?

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