Turned into a Girl for Breaking the Law !!

I cannot say what it is that I regret the most. Was it when I broke the law or was it asking Ben one of the less reputable members of my staff for help? I have always been shortsighted, but if it wasn’t for Ben’s betrayal I could have gotten away with it. In any case, Ben had friends in the underworld. He knew that for the right money any person could be made to disappear. “Smile for the camera, babe!” Ben yelled from behind me. “That’s what I’m talking about! I remember being voted the “business newcomer of the year.” Ben, now my handsome boy-toy, couldn’t have been older than two when I graduated from Harvard. I likely bought my first yacht when he got is driver’s license.

“Thanks, handsome!” I laughed and struck a pose. “How ’bout this? But the stigma of being “new rich” made me overcompensate. Rich or poor, I made enemies out of them all. Soon I became the most hated man in the industry. But screw them, I thought. As long as I had my money nothing could go wrong. But that attitude doesn’t keep you safe when the government comes knocking on the door. I had arranged everything perfect. Money in a secret bank account and a villa located in a remote Italian town. There I could rest on my laurels. Maybe I could get a boat. The Mediterranean seemed like an ideal place for an early retirement. Only one thing was out of my control. What my new identity would be. Turns out that these friends of Ben’s had very little patience for spoiled businessmen such as myself. They did secure a new identity for me, as promised, but it wasn’t what I had been expecting. It was mad to expect loyalty out of common criminals. Idid willingly allow that crooked plastic surgeon to reshape my figure, but I didn’t realise that they were going to give Ben total creative control. And to think that I once took his insults about my manhood as jokes. “Now, listen here you little bitch,” Ben whispered in my ear. “I have waited long enough for this moment. You should’ve known that the one thing guys like me want more than anything is a chance to fuck the rich.


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