Turned into a Girl against my will !!

My head was brimming with questions. Everything about this place seemed so neat and legal. That had been forcefully taken here and made to look like this made no sense. Whatever this facility was, it looked like the sort of place people would willingly spend their vacation. Maybe some do. I’d imagine that there are some who’d sell their firstborn for a chance to look like a pretty young girl. Not me, though. should’ve been putting up a fight, start arguing and throwing around furniture, but l found it increasingly difficult to get angry. Like as if I had some mental block keeping me from raising my voice. It was now ten o’clock and I had been untied, washed (which was humiliating, by the way,) and dressed. I was relieved that the clothes they gave me weren’t outrageously girly. They were certainly made for a girl, but they were grey and white rather than some glaring pink colour. I almost began feeling calm. l almost felt stupid for not trusting these people. I was given a laptop and told that I would be allowed an internet connection for a couple of hours. Normally l have no restrictions to how much l get to surf the net (I am a grown man, for fuck’s sake, but this made me happy. Of course, the laptop’s browser was heavily modded, and a great deal of websites were blocked. Understandably, I suppose. They didn’t want me to go on Facebook and start typing for help. But I could look up the news, and it shocked me when I read that my father had been caught by the police. Something along the lines of corruption. I knew nothing of this, but it worried me deeply. I had hoped that my kidnappers would eventually contact him and ask for a ransom.

This made that much less likely I could faintly hear a woman’s footsteps walk towards me. “Oh, you sweet thing,” the woman said.Don’t you worry about the news she said. “Your father’s situation won’t affect your stay here I was about to explain why I was lying on the floor honestly, my body was aching still and I found it uncomfortable to sit upright, but then she laid down beside me. She looked about the same age as me, or at least the age l was really. I probably looked about eight years younger made up like this. In any case she was dressed lightly and I couldn’t exactly hide my embarrassment. She was strikingly attractive, and not terribly unlike the sort of girl l’d fantasise about. “I was told you were not coping well with the changes,” she said soothingly. “I am here to make things better. She was staring me intimately in the eyes couldn’t help but smile, but I turned my head away. Whoever this beautiful woman was I knew she was one of them. couldn’t give her the sanctification of playing along. No matter how she attractive she looked. But she scooted closer to me, and it was clear what she wanted. One of her arms reached around my shoulders and kept me from moving. Now part of my brain was asking why I was being reluctant. I mean, if there is one thing that’d prove my masculinity it would be making out with this sexy woman. This is so strange I said “Oh, I am your teacher, by the way” she said and kissed me. My teacher? Even if she looked a few years older than me, we would still more likely be classmates than anything else.There was something definitively ominous about this situation, but I couldn’t ask her to leave now. The way she touched me made me loose control. Yeah, that’s a cheesy way of putting it. I could also say that was feeling desperately horny and her willingness to rub herself a over me was like something from a wet dream. I felt an acute sense of pleasure overcome me. It was battling with my humiliation of being dressed like some twenty year old girl relaxing on a Sunday. “Please,” I whispered. “Something about this ain’t right.” “Oh yeah,” she laughed. “And how should a young girl like yourself learn to make love?” Learn to make love? Was that what she were supposed to be teaching me? This must be part of their “training,” or whatever it is they do here. Conflicted feelings of anger and arousal made it difficult to think. If I wanted to strike out and say no then this was too late. I was made completely submissive to this woman. She didn’t look like it, but her actions were that of a dominatrix I moaned softly as her tongue moved down my smooth stomach. If intended to hide my enjoyment I did a terrible job at it “Adorable girl,” she said.

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  1. Loved the story. Would seriously love this to happen to me and forever have to stay as a woman. I would even have breast implants and do everything as a female. Looking for someone who would be interested in making me only wear feminine clothing and forced to being theres.

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